Google AdWords:
Digital Marketing in

If you are in Auckland, New Zealand, and you have been worried about how to go about digital marketing using Google AdWords, then this post is for you. It becomes worse when you have not tried features like Google AdWords, and someone tells you it is the gold standard of getting your products and services out there. Do you know what kills the most in an advertisement? When you decide to get your Google AdWords campaign done on your own, it does not convert.

When you make search inquiries about Google AdWords in Auckland, New Zealand, we hope you find someone like us who can help your brand grow. Why? Because we are obsessed with seeing your business in Auckland, make a massive profit and convert like crazy using Google AdWords.

As a seasoned expert-level Google AdWords guru in Auckland&New Zealand, NiKa Consulting Group is committed to creating AdWords campaigns that convert.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is keywords that have a definitive target by creating traffic on your page or generating leads. Google AdWords is a potent form of marketing (when properly used) that matches relevant content with keywords you increase traffic. And you do not require buying advert inventory all over again.

So what we at NiKa Consulting Group will do for you is employ strategies that make the best use of the cost per click (CPC) and reduce fraudulent clicks. The reduction only aims to help you get value for your money (who wants to waste money?)

How Does Google AdWords work in New Zealand & Auckland?

Google AdWords work like everywhere else around the world. Once you create a campaign, be assured that it will reach your target audience. If what we have written about Google AdWords in Auckland, New Zealand, feels like rocket science, you should check the coming few lines out.

But before we tell you how NiKa Consulting Group can help make your brand profitable in Auckland, New Zealand, we would love to know the aim you set to achieve with your campaign.

• Is it to increase the calls coming in all around New Zealand?
• Or to direct more people to your store?
• Or to guide people to your landing page?

If you do not have a website, you can contact us to get a swashbuckling landing page.

If any of the questions above resonate with your desire, it will help us know how we can make the AdWords campaign work for you. Once we have done this, your target audience anywhere around Auckland, New Zealand, will find your business, as shown on the top search result.

Benefits of Using Google AdWords for your Digital Marketing in Auckland &New Zealand

Here are some of the benefits of using Google AdWords for your digital marketing.

• Google AdWords is a remarkable tool for lead generation. Suppose NiKa Consulting Group helps you set up your campaigns (we will do it properly) by targeting the demography related to your niche. In that case, it will bring huge profits for your business in Auckland and all through New Zealand. Imagine taking a leap in the dark. How does it feel? A streamlined campaign towards related searches will reduce redundant clicks and earn you lots of ROI.
The flexibility Google Ad offers you. Whether your business is large or not, you can streamline your budget, determine when to start or end the campaign. Is also compatible with a wide range of online platforms. Did you know that you can also target things like your target audience’s device? Sounds good, right? These options are like too many gifts under the Christmas tree; you don’t know which to open first. This is why you need a digital marketing guru like NiKa Consulting Group, who can navigate through the myriads of flexible offers you have and come up with something great for your business.

• A massive return on any investment you make is assured. Once you have your working strategy on lock, we can help you determine which campaign plans we should invest more in. This process is also interesting because you only pay for the ads that visitors click on.

• The results you get are clear and straightforward. A campaign on Google AdWords gives a piece of clear and analytical information on
the developments your ad is making. Information like the most clicked product, most sought after keywords, etc.

• Your campaign takes advantage of high traffics with quality content. Google’s high dominance in the market and its large pool of users makes it one of the best place to reach out to them. It is like a pharmacist opening his store near a hospital. It needs no economic expert to figure out that he will make a massive profit. The people from Google are more likely to oblige to the action you require of them than any
other platform.

• Accuracy of the target market. Did you know that 72% of buyers making local enquiries will most likely visit your store if it is not far from
them? Now imagine you can target people close that are close. That is going to be mind-blowing! That number is no child’s play. With
Google AdWords, you can include your address and input your number for people to call you. You can also concentrate the reach of your market to get a qualitative marketing campaign.
Specific keywords can allow you to streamline your target to the right client without having to spend much on aimless lead generation.

Why Choose NiKa Consulting Group as your Digital Marketing
Agency Auckland and New Zealand

Many Kiwis feel Google Ad is expensive, while others find the process overwhelming to carry out. Our undeniable expertise in Google AdWord is why NiKa Consulting Group is here for you to make this process seem a lot easier. Here are some reasons you should choose us as your digital marketing agency in cities within New Zealand.

• We prioritize quality delivery and believe it is more important to get great results than anything. We are not promising you heaven on earth, and I do not think you should do that when creating your campaign, but ensure you over-deliver.

• We have an army of certified AdWords experts who are available all day and all year to attend to you and deliver a satisfying job. These AdWords specialists have mastered the patterns and the system that optimizes your campaign to bring out the best for your business in New Zealand.

• Value for your money. One of the reasons why other clients we have had keep coming back is because we push ourselves to deliver great jobs every time. Our mantra here is to always look out for ways to spend less and gain more. If you are on a budget, we are here for you.

• We are like the catalyst of your establishment. At NiKa Consulting Group, we portray ourselves as a partner in progress. This has been revealed in our previous dealings as we had come in handy when businesses needed us the most.

• We use cutting edge tools in the industry. When it comes to digital marketing in New Zealand, we are proud to inform you that not many match us in giving you the best. We have the tools that predict the market and other fundamental and technical analyses we need to make before setting up or launching a campaign. All these help us give you better results.

FAQ for Google AdWords Auckland
and New Zealand

Is Google AdWords good for small businesses in New Zealand?

Yes, Google AdWords is a good strategy for small businesses in New Zealand. Suppose you have a plan to scale big and have prepared your business to handle any order that will come after hiring the services of a digital marketer. In that case, you can use Google AdWords marketing. Your potential customers will begin to see your Ads on their most visited web pages, email, and videos.

Is Google AdWords pay per click?

Yes, AdWords are paid per click. And the amount ranges from $1-3, and it can go higher in circumstances where the competition is high. Remember that you only pay when someone clicks on your Google Ad, so you do not have to worry about an uncontrolled expenditure.

Are Google AdWords more potent than SEO?

Yes, they are. Google AdWords works faster than SEO. 

Will People in Auckland & New Zealand see my business?

People will see your business in and out of Auckland, New Zealand. If necessary, tweaks are made.

Nika Consulting Group is not your regular digital marketing agency that cares only about your money. We also assure value for whatever digital services you want in New Zealand. We cannot stress that we have a team of dedicated professionals who are always available to give you the best. Reach out to us today to inquire about our digital services and how we can help your business grow in New Zealand.