Logo Intro and Outro Effects

Some businesses require an interactive intro video with their logo to make it powerful and more effective. NiKa Consulting is here to help you customize your company’s potential with the most interactive effects. As Auckland’s best branding specialists, we are keenly of the importance of intros and outros in engaging your audience before and after they watch your videos. Animating your logo will help you get more out of it as you can use it more effectively in the digital space. Logo animation is more captivating than just having a picture of your logo on your online marketing material and hence, animating it will help you capture the attention of your target audience easily and give them a more memorable experience thus improving the quality of your promotions, digital marketing and brand awareness.

Why You Need Logo Animation Services

Logo animation is key in digital marketing, website design, social media advertising, video production, UI development, email signature and App splash screen development. Animation is mostly about logo intro and outro effects and the higher the quality and creativity of a professional intro or outro effect the more effective it is in captivating your audience and instilling trust in your brand. Here are several reasons why you should animate your logo in a professional and highly creative way:

Increase Brand Consistency

A high quality professional logo animation is an extension of brand consistency.

This is because adding logo intro and outro effects to a product, services or informative video will help make the video more professional and make your brand seem much more invested in details and quality. It helps capture the attention of your target audience from the word go by entering their vision with a great impression. As Auckland branding specialists, we really cannot understate the importance of a memorable entrance and exit especially given viewers’ short attention span on the digital spaces.

To Raise Brand Awareness

Logo animation and in particular logo intro and outro effects are a key component in raising and creating brand awareness.

Whenever you animate your logo and invest in high quality, professional and unique logo intro and outro effects, the more you will create a memorable experience for your target audience. Clever use of these effects in different digital platforms will help bring your logo to life with the sound. Colour and motion. This has the awesomeeffect of creating a great impression in your customer’s mind which not only increases brand exposure and awareness but also helps the target audience associate your brand with certain emotions and quality. In turn, this increase in brand awareness will result in more people wanting to buy your products and services or taking other actions such as visiting your website, contacting your business, engaging your brand on social media etc.

Cost Effective

Having logo intro and out ro effects to add in brand assets such

Having logo intro and out ro effects to add in brand assets such as adverts and presentations is a cost-effective way of making them stand out. As such you can use these effects multiple times, in all manner of spaces and uses thus they are cost-effective as you do not need to keep on paying for this service each time.

Spice Up Your Promotions

At NiKa Consulting Ltd, we are Auckland’s best branding specialists offering bespoke branding services.

As such you can expect custom logo intro and outro effects built specifically for your business and you can use them to spice up your promotional videos, online presentations, informative videos etc. Such effects help boost your brand identity making it easier for you to be recognised online as well as offline. As a result, we highly recommend logo animation for your social media, website, emails and your brand’s overall marketing materials.

Why Choose Our Services

Impressing your customers is important and in today’s digital spaces filled with too much information, capturing your target audience’s attention and in a way that makes a lasting impact is crucial. Therefore, you should take the first and last seconds of your videos to market your brand and captivate your audience. Using the right intro and outro will help your audience look forward to your products and services, take the action you require them to and look forward to more information or other videos. As a result, having a professionally done outro and intro will help market your brands in the right way.
We have an engaging and simple logo animation process that helps us hear your thoughts and inputs regarding the kind of affects you want, whether you want to include your URL and the theme ideas you have. We then use this understanding to come up with the designs and once you approve, we can then go full force pooling our creative minds to animate your logo as per the design. Finally, we provide the logo in all the necessary formats whether horizontal 4K, vertical version, and more. We include music and sound as needed. At NiKa Consulting Ltd Auckland, branding specialists and designers we are committed to creating the best intro and outro logo effects whether for first time use or as an update to existing versions.
This is the mandate of our branding and rebranding services and as Auckland branding specialist, NiKa Consulting is ready to help you get more out of your logo. Building logo intro and outro effects will make it easy for you to use it in presentations, website, video, social media posts and digital marketing purposes. Contact us today for great logo animation design that are effective for brand marketing.