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Are you ready to start your digital journey
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NiKa Consulting Group is a web development and web design company based in Auckland to design an excellent website for your business. We
take pride in having a team of professionals to build a catchy website.

We have worked with several businesses and personnel in developing a website that suits their desired taste in and out of Auckland, New Zealand. We have attestations from those we have worked with, and all they have to say is right there on our home page.

One of the secrets to a successful website is the way the information about the brand is conveyed to the visitors or prospects, which transcends the “about us” page. The way the products, capabilities, and services are displayed is important for conversion or lead generation. Optimising the keywords through SEO is also important to the attraction package. Do you know what we mean? Your website should have what it takes to be accessible anywhere in New Zealand and beyond.

Another important factor is the user experience and interface (UI/UX), enabling seamless engagement when assessing your website from any device.

Whether you want an e-commerce website, a personal website, or a bespoke website of any sort in Auckland, one ingredient to getting a great website is a great website developer to bring everything you want to live. Therefore you should entrust the process to NiKa Consulting Group. We will guide you in asking the right questions and give you a result-driven website.

NiKa Consulting Group offers a wide range of services which includes:
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • E-commerce Web Development

Web Design

One of the initial impressions customers have about your business is your website. And it needs no soothsayer to affirm that a beautiful and user-friendly design is what your business website needs.

Your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business.In today’s digital world, about 95% of people visiting websites get an impression of the brand through web design.

Without a doubt, if your business is to succeed in Auckland &New Zealand,especially a competitive one, you need a desirable web design to put you ahead of the race.

NiKa Consulting Group has all it takes to give you a website design that will leave a good impression on Auckland and other regions around New Zealand visitors.

What you get when you opt to
work with us includes:

  • Accessible on all devices:

We help design websites optimised for search engines and accessible on all devices, mobile or computer.

  • Customised to your suitability:

sometimes, what you ask is not what you get, but with NiKa Consulting Group, you will always get what you want. We design professionally styled websites, and we integrate your specifications, for example, if you want to import data from a previous website, implement payment functionality, etc.

  • Reasonable pricing:

If you are developing cold feet because you are sceptical about the cost of achieving your desired website design, then put your mind at rest because we offer transparent pricing that is competitively reasonable. Note that getting a quotation is free.

  • We optimise your site for organic search success as part of our development process. We also give you full access to your website when building your website.

With our web design services, you can rely on our designers to create every page of your website. We can help you design your website from 1 page to 500 pages. It depends on how you want it.

Just reach out to us and get a quotation from one of our experts who are always available to provide you with a necessary plan. If you are unsure of how many pages you need, you can also contact us to guide you on the best action to take.

UI/UX web design

To give your website a facelift, you need an accessible and user-friendly website. A good UI/UX design will guarantee you a high conversion rate. According to Swear, over 38% of visitors who find a website unappealing will stop engaging the website.

NiKa Consulting Group has a team of experts in UI/UX design in Auckland that can help increase the usability of your website. If you are in New Zealand and are not thinking of improving your user experience and interface, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.Beat your competition to it by getting a unique website to stand out and create a lasting impression on the mind of the visitors and subsequently convert.

If you are an e-commerce website looking to improve your business in Auckland, New Zealand, you should consider investing in UI/UX design through lead generation. Our web designers will help you build an information architecture using content audits, user interviews, and slides. Our experts will develop a world-class navigation panel and the searching icon that allows visitors to meet their desired search.

We conduct periodic testing on our websites to discover the website’s user-friendliness. The tests are done to ensure the website’s usability after the design, and they are conducted as early as the wireframe stage to know what you want and how we can incorporate the changes.

Web Development

Well-developed web software and web portal will generate significant opportunities for your website. Therefore, you should get involved with Auckland's best web development service. NiKa Consulting Group has what it takes to develop a secure, scalable, and high performing website for your brand.

It does not matter if you are a small business in New Zealand or your brand has a global outlook. One thing that matters is that you get in the face of everyone seeking your service and maintain your relevance.

By choosing NiKa Consulting Group for your web development in New Zealand, you will benefit from five major things:
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • E-commerce Web Development

Our customer-centric open-source development allows users to make adjustments to the features on your website. It makes things easier nowadays when websites have open-source integration. Open-source development is another effective way to arrest customers’ attention, which can, in turn, transform your business for good. The ecosystem developed because of the open-source integration is stronger than the ecosystem without the feature.
Our dedicated expert in open-source development across numerous open-source technology is always available to deliver quality in due time.

E-commerce website development

E-commerce is reported to have an average of 23% growth in the last decade.

E-commerce is reported to have an average of 23% growth in the last decade. If there is something you should do with that information, it is the fact that the e-commerce space is growing and will naturally become highly competitive. It also connotes that it is not too late to start anything you wish to do. The first thing is to know what you are up against.

NiKa Consulting Group has what it takes to help you develop a world-class e-commerce website in New Zealand. We understand every bit of e-commerce, and we get abreast of developments in that competitive space that can help you clinch huge wins in terms of engagement and sales.

One constant thing is change. Therefore, our team of professional’s help conduct the periodic maintenance of the e-commerce website on your behalf.

Why should you choose NiKa Consulting Company for your web design/ web development and an e-commerce website in Auckland, New Zealand?

There are a few compelling reasons you should not blink an eye if you want to create a website or develop one in New Zealand.

One of the reasons is that we provide continuous support for any service we render to you. You get to come back if there are things to implement and when maintenance arises.

Being the best in Auckland comes from prioritising the joy and satisfaction of our customers. This means we hold our customers in high esteem if you decide to work with us.

Our previous clients have good testimonies about the services we have rendered. We hope you join the bandwagon sooner than later.