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Does nobody like your blog? Here’s why!

If you build a website, people will eventually come!” Is that how you felt when you first started your blog? When it comes to digital marketing, this notion could not be further from the truth.
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1. Your blog is unattractive

Yes, I did say that. Your child is ugly. What is the architecture of a brand? You probably have no idea what that is. Nothing flows, and your fonts are difficult to read. When your ideal customer visits your blog, it provides no visual benefit to them. You have around 5 seconds to persuade your readers to stay on your blog after they first arrive. You’d best make it visually appealing, or you’ll lose them right away. Someone, anyone, should be able to assist you. Don’t let your blog remain unattractive. There are a lot of agencies in Auckland. Still, if you need a creative marketing agency or an advertising agency which will provide you with a solution to your problem, NIKA Consulting Group Ltd is the one.

2. Your blog isn’t mobile-friendly

Did you know that 90% of individuals keep their mobile devices at arm’s reach at all times? If your blog appears terrible on your phone, it’ll look even worse on the phone of everybody who views your blog or website! Because of the extensive range of services available, most advertising agencies today refer to themselves as “agencies” rather than “ad agencies.” After you’ve figured out the various responsibilities, you’ll want to choose a good advertising agency like NIKA Consulting Group Ltd to help you with your specific business demands.

3. You’re well aware that your blog is all about you

As much as you claim to care about your community and assist others, your blog presents a different story. Every blog article is about you, what you’ve done, what you’ll do, what you sell, and why you’re so great. Don’t tell us how wonderful you are and start showing us. And you can do this only if you get in touch with the NIKA Consulting Group Ltd team. As a creative marketing agency and one of the best in Auckland, it will allow you to reach your goals.

4. Your titles are exaggerated and overpriced

Using adjectives like “world-class,” “magical,” and “amazing” in every blog post makes us feel that NOTHING on your blog is truly magical. Give up the titles and stop letting readers down with every post. Instead, concentrate on great content and a killer title that complements the range and connects with your audience. I believe titles are essential, but overselling them does more harm than good. NIKA Consulting Group Ltd team will provide you with qualitative content, and we are sure that you will be back for more. Every day, we assist people with all of the issues described in this blog post and more. It’s what we’ve decided to do.

5. You have an excessive number of pop-up advertisements

Let’s say I’ll never get to click number two if I have to click three times to get past your pop-up window. Many people, I’m sure, believe in pop-ups and talk about how great they are. I despise them. I’m not inclined to return to your blog if I know it includes them, and I have to click at least twice, or it isn’t easy to close the pop-up on a mobile device. If an advertising agency suggests you do that, we won’t! It bothers people, and they won’t get back to your blog again.

6. Your stuff is terrible

Your blog contains nothing that speaks to me or your target buyer. You’re rambling about nothing. You could even be regurgitating the same content as every other blogger in your industry. Nothing here is new; nothing here is helping me or your ideal customer solve problems, feel empowered, learn, or be better in our lives and businesses. An excellent creative marketing agency will give the readers fresh new content every time they visit your blog.

7. You have no idea who you’re talking to

It’ll not be easy to generate content that inspires and connects with your audience if you don’t know who they are. You must enter their minds and determine what keeps them awake at night. Know what they require of you and how you will assist them in resolving issues. This is our motto at NIKA Consulting Group Ltd!

8. You don’t blog regularly

People appreciate knowing you’ll be blogging more than once or twice a year. Create an editorial schedule when you’ve created a plan with goals and objectives and a thorough understanding of your target audience.

9. A community doesn’t exist

One of the most crucial social media and online marketing components is community building, which you have overlooked. Include features such as social comments, social sharing buttons, and more. Take the time to develop your relationships. It’s always an excellent shot to invest in communities and the people who live inside them.

10. You’re on the lookout for perfection

Always bear in mind that perfection is the enemy of good. When only the best will do, there are moments when only the best will suffice. In your business and blog, embrace the flawed perfection. Be modest, and take your readers on a trip with you. They will be a part of the community that builds you if you share your ups, downs, and lessons learned. When you start to flourish as a business leader and blogger, your audience and readers will rejoice alongside you because they will feel part of the process. Give up on perfection and get your damned blog off the ground!

Bonus Tip: No one knows who you are or what your blog is about. Even if you have the most fantastic blog on earth, it won’t help you much if no one knows about it. Please be patient if you’ve just started your blog. Make sure you have a strategy in place to raise exposure, foster community and expand your readership over time. From the beginning, your site’s SEO and SMO (social media optimization) infrastructure and planning must be in place.

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